Get your eBook converted effectively – be it Kindle conversion or ePub Conversion, promote your eBook through Social Media

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Social Media is no doubt a best media, available for free to promote your eBook, which could help you to reach a great circle of people that keeps extending. The benefit of spreading news about your eBook through social media such as facebook, twitter or so, is that all those people in contact, whom we know already are trustworthy and so, when they recommend your book to other people, it will be of great worth. Nobody can deny that social media is an ideal platform to promote your book. However, it is required that the content of your book needs to be unique and of top quality and should be formatted in a highly professional way through, to win the race.

Different Ways to Use Social Media

  1. Have a website created in order to promote your book. Have page dedicated to promote your books. It should have attractive request lines that ask the viewers to look into the information regarding your book. You may use a header requesting them to share information about your book to their contacts. Provide a link that takes them to a sample chapter of your book and have a click button enabled to let them share the chapter with their contacts.
  2. REVIEWS. Make a request for genuine reviews providing sample chapters with request lines, as reviews are the best advertisement tools, which any reader would like to take into account, before purchasing the book.
  3. Re-Tweet Button to be set. When you provide a sample chapter of your book, set a re-tweet button in order to enable the readers to share the chapter, easily. Again, you need to include attractive request lines, otherwise people may ignore sharing the chapter.

How to Create a Bookmap with InDesign

You can create a bookmap by hand or by using a spreadsheet.

But, because InDesign already allows you to view facing spreads with automatically numbered pages, you can easily create a bookmap (which is essentially a sample layout of your book) using that program.

To create a bookmap with InDesign, follow these four simple steps:

Step 1.  
Create a multipage document. Pages are automatically numbered in the page palette (you may need to find it in the page menu), but you can number the actual pages.

Step 2.
Select the text tool to create a text box in which you’ll write a brief note describing what the content of the page will be. Do that for all of your pages. Use a fairly large font size so that you’re able to read the description when the pages are really small.

Step 3. 
When printing your bookmap, you’ll want to create thumbnails so that you’re able to fit multiple pages on one page.

Step 4.
Print your document or create a PDF for onscreen viewing.

Published, Dreams and Reality


I’ve got skills. When it comes to writing and editing, manipulating the English language the way it was designed to be manipulated, I am very good at what I do.

As sure as I am about myself, though, it’s been just as difficult for me to prove my abilities to others.

This July I’ll be 32; and at this point in my life, I figure if I don’t publish my own books, no one else will. That’s the way I see it anyway. And that’s the way all writers should see it.

We’re living in the age of the Internet 2.0. You don’t have to wait around for someone to publish your stuff. Self-publish, print on demand, create a website, write a blog, advertise on social media sites.

If you want to be recognized for your work, you should make the effort to put yourself out there, to invest in yourself.

Even if your goal is to be picked up by a big publishing house or to win coveted book prizes, publishing your own work is the best way to show that you are worth the investment of time and money others would have to commit to.

After all, if you won’t do it, why should they?

I was born to be a writer. I knew that when I was just a kid in elementary school when I created my very first book, a semi-autobiographical picture book called The Bully. By the time I graduated high school, my first novel, End Times, was accepted for publication (by a pay-to-publish publishing house, but I couldn’t afford the $15,000+ charge. I later learned it was all a scam).

Despite the let-downs and feelings of discouragement, I was dreaming of becoming a publisher by the time I was in my mid-twenties. Well, I soon learned that dreams don’t always manifest themselves in the way we expect them to.

I am a publisher, a self-publisher. I never dreamt it would turn out this way, but if I had to dream it all again, this is exactly how I would dream it.